Packaging and Return Credits

We really appreciate the shared dedication to
our environment!  In an effort to save on the use of packaging materials we are
offering an incentive for the reuse and recycling of the packaging that we provide

Returns are easy! 

  1. Just save the packaging items below and set them by the front door before your next delivery! 
  2. Our delivery driver will drop off your new box with all your delicious goodies and will take the return items with him when he leaves. 
  3. All items picked up will be listed on a receipt with your drop off. 
  4. We will log the returns and place a credit on your online account to be applied to your next order.
** In order to receive your account credit Must be in reusable conditions, no cracks or no tears. **
Glass jars, if returned we will credit your account $.50/jar
Ice packs, if returned we will credit your account  $.25/pack (you will receive 2 per order)
Box insulation lining, credit your account $1.00/insulation liner

Why We Choose This Packaging


Be Green Packaging - This is the packaging for all of your food containers that are meant to be heated. The containers we use are made from a blend of plant fibers such as bamboo, bulrush and sugarcane. They are non-gmo and are tree-free. Be Green Packaging products are biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and eco friendly. They are also freezer, microwavable and oven safe. Lids must be removed before heating.

World Centric - We are using these products for some of your cold food packaging. World Centric containers are made from a variety of compostable materials, which currently include: compostable PLA material made from cornstarch, wheat straw, and sustainable paper alternatives. This allows the containers to be 100% compostable unlike normal plastic. These containers are also freezer safe, not microwavable or oven safe.
World Centric containers are compostable containers that will biodegrade within
180 days in a commercial composting facility, but can take up to a year or more
to biodegrade in a home composting system. World Centric believes in reduce,
reuse and recycle and the ultimate goal of a zero waste economy.

Nordic Ice - Ice Packs - Nordic Ice packs are reusable refrigerants that are made from poly gel packs. The gel inside the packs is non toxic and is safe in landfills. We recommend if your pack is not reusable, to squeeze out the gel into the trash and then recycle the plastic outer layer.
If returned, we will credit your account $.25/pack.
CooLiner Insulated Liners - We use thermal protected insulated liners to insure that your food is kept at the correct temperatures during transportation and delivery. These box liners are environmentally friendly. If returned we will refund you $1.00/insulation lining. 

Glass VS Plastic - We use glass jars instead of plastic whenever possible.  There are several reasons for this.  Most importantly, plastic packaging should be minimized due to their health and environmental effects.   With glass, we are able to use, reuse, and recycle glass jars. If returned, we will credit your account $.50/jar.

Boxes -The boxes we use are recyclable, please recycle them at your closest recycling facility.

BPA free lining on our cans and plastics - BPA is chemical used to harden plastics and line cans. Its can found almost everywhere, even in our bodies. It can be transmitted through air, water, dust and foods that have stored in a BPA container. Some concerns in regards to using BPA would be hormone levels, brain and behavior problems, cancer, heart problems, and is an increased risk to children. We use products that are BPA free to ensure the safest, healthiest and tastiest food.


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